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Кроссовки на широкую ногу + высокий подъем
read_only_lj wrote in rusam_kiddies
Я не знаю достаточно ли здесь родителей детей постарше, но на всякий случай спрошу. Какие фирмы делают мальчуковую обувь (в первую очередь кроссовки, но и другую обувь тоже) на широкую ногу с высоким подъемом на размер big kid 3.5 и больше? До сих пор в основном покупали Stride Rite ширина XW, но на размеры больше 3 у них очень небольшой выбор, а ими же продающийся saucony похоже не подходит нам.

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We do either stride rite or Tsukihoshi. Tshukihoshi does not have wide sizes but they are actually wide. Although I am not sure if they will be wide enough for XW.

Why don't you go on zappos and select size 3.5 XW and see who else has it. Or nobody but stride rite comes up in such a search?

Thanks, I'll check out Tsukihoshi.
I didn't try zappos, tried amazon. Many different brands come up, but I don't want to order everything, so I'm trying to figure out which brands are "known" to be good for wide feet/tall arch. For little kids it's sort of a known fact that see kai run and pediped often work for wider feet (+ stride rite XW), so I'm asking to see if maybe for older kids there are also "known" brand for wider shoes... Maybe some exotic brands that you can only order through their own websites or some such :-/

I see. I just order everything :) I order maybe 10-12 pairs. Some in different sizes.

would your kids try 10-12 pairs? Maximum I tried with my older is 5 or 6 and I have to listen to so much whining, that I'd rather harass people on the internet with questions first :) I'll receive 5 pairs today, I don't have high hopes, so I'm preparing for the next try :) and it turns out stride rite doesn't make sneakers in 3+, all sneakers on their site in 3.5 or 4 are saucony brand

Sure but usually not in one evening.

Amazon has a horrible search engine IMO. I would just go to zappos.

My wide-footed son does great in New Balance XW, but his size is smaller than that.
With older kid/bigger size I found moving to shoelaces (not Velcro) opens up a lot more choices.

thx! will try it. Now that you said it, I'm thinking he had New Balance sneakers a year or 2 ago. Shoelaces is not his preference, but would be ok.

do you know how NB sizes are compared to stride rite? I.e. if I want stride rite size 4, should I try NB 4 or smaller/bigger?

I am not sure. I think they are pretty similar, but not sure.

Уже второй раз покупаем, как раз на широкую ногу и высокий подъем. Они легкие, дышащие и на velcro застежке. Saucony для нас узкие, stride ride - зависит от модели.

Я не вижу у них размеров "Big Kid" :(

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